''I was and am so impressed by my crew, but of everyone involved on set, Hayley is the one I was aware of everyone else being impressed by. Not just by her (demonstrably) excellent work, which did everything she claimed without being the least superficial or intrusive - or her eye for continuity, which proves crucial. Beyond that, Hayley was our on set thermostat, managing, and monitoring the well-being of everyone around her, absorbing their stress, having time and attention and conversation for everyone. It is an indefinable skill, one which you cant test for or measure- but when you are lucky enough to find it, you don't want to lose it. I'm gonna cut to the chase this woman is a superstar''.

George Magner | Writer & Director

''Hayley Ford was the chief Make-Up artist on the proof of concept trailer we shot for the TV series "Hangman" written by Joseph de Bank and she did an excellent job. The make-up was diverse; ageing, blood, and sweat. All of these things were achieved at a professional standard. Hayley and her team were always punctual to arrive on set and delivering camera-ready actors on time. I would work with her again anytime!''

Caroline Pires | Director/Visual Effects Supervisor